Sourcewater helps energy producers manage water needs

BOSTON — Sourcewater is a Boston startup that wants to make it easier and more efficient for oil and gas operators to get water to the right well at the right time. Its online service matches companies that want to find water for hydraulic fracturing and companies that want to reuse or recycle the water produced in energy extraction.

Trucking, treatment, storage and disposal companies post their services on the website for producers to find in a local area. The services around water are a major expenses for oil and gas producers, and Sourcewater’s goal is to reduce the cost of water management.

Sourcewater has targeted the Marcellus shale in western Pennsylvania as one of its first markets. The emphasis there is more on reusing and recycling produced water. Oklahoma and Texas are future markets for Sourcewater to enable greater water recycling.

According to its website, Sourcewater is an online exchange for conserving freshwater resources and creating market incentives for recycling water while enhancing the security of water supplies for unconventional energy producers.

Source: NewsOK

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